The Dr. was very nice and helpful, I did have hearing as I suspected. Follow up visits were to adjust the volume. I wore them regularity for some time, but now I don't put them in unless I'm going or watching TV. The only complaint I have is they were very difficult to get plugged in, I couldn't make it fit and had to get my son do it. Then they came unplugged every time I touched them! I took to the specialist and he said they were right I finally changed to a regular phone plug and it works fine They were very aggravating until I changed though!
Cherril Gillette, on Google
My fiancé and I took her 91yo mother there, and while she claimed she heard everything, they showed us she has lost 70% in one ear and 50% in the other. They did not push expensive hearing aids towards my fiancé, but gave her some business cards to get them for much much cheaper.
Bill Bale, on Google
Because I love my Hearing aids!
Nancy Andrews, on Google

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